For its 41st gala, Taste of the South is partnering with 14 mental health charities committed to supporting individuals and families affected by mental health challenges. These organizations offer a wide range of services, from providing crisis intervention and counseling, to promoting mental health awareness and equipping educators with tools to recognize signs of distress in students. Together, they are working tirelessly to improve access to care, increase awareness, and end the stigma surrounding mental health in the South and in Washington, D.C.


Home Grown Charities

"Taste of the South was a difference maker for our organization and our local community. We are a small agency doing big things - and this fundraiser gave us room to do more of it! With the funds we received, we we were able to end homelessness for 57 households (including families with children) by placing them into housing.”
SELI PERRY, Mercy House, Taste of the South 2013 Feature Charity
“The gift from Taste of the South enabled West End School to add an entire new grade to the Elementary Day School Program. Needless to say, the enormity of [the gift] has literally helped change the lives of many boys...”
DEBORAH BLAIR, The West End School, Taste of the South 2014 Feature Charity
“[The donation from] the Taste of the South Gala has been a true catalyst for change and increased service to children battling cancer and their families across South Carolina."
CINDY HAY JOHNSON, Camp Happy Days, Taste of the South 2015 Feature Charity
“In the Koinonia Foundation’s 15 years of the existence, this is the single largest and most significant gift we have received. […] We are now in a stronger position to continue with our board directed service expansion, developing much needed new programs for special needs adults.”
JOE ORTIZ, Koinonia Foundation, Taste of the South 2016 Feature Charity
"This [gift] enabled our non-profit to grant 93 college scholarships to children of soldiers killed, wounded, injured or ill in the Global War on Terrorism. [We have] collaborated with many other organizations during the last 17 years [and] TOTS is clearly one of the most professional and effective non-profits it has been our pleasure to be associated with...”
CHUCK DELEOT, Patriot Foundation, Taste of the South 2017 Feature Charity
“[Receiving the TOTS donation] has given our organization an infusion of confidence and solid commitment to be able to deliver our program to the next generation of technology leaders our country is in such dire need of.”
CONNIE HAYNES, Georgia FIRST Robotics, Taste of the South 2018 Feature Charity
"We were incredibly honored to have been selected as the featured charity for Taste of the South 2019. Taste of the South's donation has had a major impact in bringing healthy food to food-insecure Mississippians and we are so appreciative.”
MARTHA ALLEN, Extra Table, Taste of the SOuth 2019 Feature Charity
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