Kentucky's Dixie Fund Charity

Heuser Hearing & Language Academy

Since 1948, Heuser Hearing & Language Academy (HHLA) has been the only organization in Kentucky to provide early intervention, preschool, and kindergarten to children diagnosed with hearing loss in the state.  Hearing loss is the number one disability affecting Americans today.

HHLA is the only school in Kentucky where children with hearing loss can receive STEM education tailored to their unique learning needs.  Early introduction of STEM-related learning activities is critical to the additional support needed for children with hearing loss.  Children who have hearing loss are generally behind in academics and the activities related to STEM education are particularly critical to stimulate children’s minds to enhance their interaction and comprehension needs.  The monies from the Taste of the South will go directly to enhancing learning opportunities for the STEM programming at HHLA.

Kentucky Committee

  • Tara Gabaldon, Exec. Member
  • Whitney VanMeter, Chairman
  • Amanda Faulkner, Vice Chairman

Kentucky Sponsors

  • Amgen
  • Beam Suntory
  • The Beer Institute
  • Big Ass Solutions
  • Bramer Group LLC
  • District Maven Marketing + Creative
  • Google
  • The Grizzle Company
  • Insomniac Design Inc.
  • Soul Cycle
  • UPS
  • Western Kentucky University