Mississippi's Dixie Fund Charity

Mississippi Children's Museum STEM Gallery

The mission of the Mississippi Children’s Museum is to provide unparalleled experiences that ignite a thirst for discovery, knowledge, and learning in all children.  The museum accomplishes this mission through hands-on and engaging exhibits and programs focusing on literacy, the arts, science, health and nutrition–the keys to helping our children mature into healthy and productive adult learners.  TOTS is excited to support the update to the World at Work gallery which will offer a new approach to integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics with art and cultural studies for children ages 0-12. The exhibit will offer interactions to explore robotics, potential and kinetic energy, problem solving, light and sound, aerodynamics, and spatial relationships.

Mississippi Committee

  • Shelby Balius, Exec. Member
  • Alex Monié, Chairman
  • Bree Pettigo, Vice Chairman

Mississippi Sponsors

  • Balch & Bingham LLP
  • Southern Company